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Tool maker's microscope SPTM-505R - Kính hiển vi đo lường
This instrument can accurately measure sizes, angles, forms and positions of variousworkpieces and varied parameters of the screw-thread manufactured pieces. It is widely usedn the measurement and checking services in the sectors of machinery, instrumentation, dieequipment manufacturing, instrument and metering, military industry, aviation and aerospaceindustry and automobile manufacturing, electronics, plastics and rubber, etc. and incolleges and universities, research institutes, etc. This instrument, with multipleaccessories of optical locator, tailstock rack, double-image eyepieces, template eyepieces,etc., can be used for the quality detection and control for machinery parts, measuring tool,pattern die, electronic elements, circuit board, presswork, plastic and rubber products,etc.
SPTM-505R tool-maker’s microscope is an excellent measuring instrument for non-contact inspection and 2D precision measurement. It is suitable to measure the small parts in the metrology department and production line, and it can be installed with digital measure heads, CCD adaptor, CCD camera, digital cross line generator, monitor to be a 2D vision system.
X.Y Axis Travel
Maxi Working Height
Maxi Loading Weight
Measuring Head
         Origin Mitutoyo electronic measuring head
Resolution of Measuring Head
Machine Head
Monocular (aimer is adjustable)
Angle Dial
Rotary angle: 360°; Minimum angle reading: 6′
Eyepiece (176-116)
15X view diameter: 13mm
2X working diameter: 67mm
Total Magnification
Contour Illumination
24V/3V tungsten bulb with green filter, the brightness is adjustable
Surface Illumination
24V/3V tungsten bulb, the brightness is adjustable
Power Supply
110/220V AC 50/60Hz
Instrument Dimension
Machine Weight
Auxiliary Objectives
A group of partition board; 1 piece of blue filter
Optional Accessories
1X, 3X, 10X Objective,


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