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SUNPOC SP-3015 - Máy phóng hình SUNPOC SP-3015

 Standard YD-8000 Digital Readout

Option LED DS-8DLDS801

This digital type high-precision projector is a highly efficient measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It can be widely used for industries such as mold manufacturing, metal work pressing, electronics, instrument, horologe, as well in universities, research institutes and metering examination departments.
This product features its good quality optical path, rational design, clear objec t lens imaging and accurate magnification, with tolerance for displayed value up to(3+L/75)μm. (Here, L stands for the measured length (mm)). It has humanized design, 45 ° oblique angle between mechanical ascent handle and operator, ensuring easy operation. No occurrence of blocking as the traditional leather belt transmission is replaced. Attached RS232 interface allows the easy upgrading for software. Asterisk-shaped line is internally marked on the glass of projection screen (exclusive design), ensuring long service life without the need of replacement.
Projection screen: effective diameter (mm):
φ300mm, working scope>φ300 (internally marked with asterisk-shaped line)
Projection screen’s rotation angle:
Resolution of rotation angle:
0.01° or 1′
Object lens’s magnification:
10×(standard) 20×(optional) 50×(optional) 100×(optional)
View-field of object (mm):
φ30   φ15  φ6  φ3
Working distance for object (mm):
78.33   44.93   27.63   23.60
Metal stage size:
Glass stage size:
Travel—X, Y axis:
Z axis travel:
Resolution of X Y:
0.001mm(digital display)
Data processor:
DC-3000 or DS801
Ascent and descent mechanism:
45 ° oblique tooth gear
Profile and surface light source
24V/150W tungsten halogen lamp (German Philips)
Over dimensions:
Power supply:
110V/220V (switch) ; 50/60HZ(switch)
Optional accessories:
attached RS232 interface, optional 2D measuring software, ensuring convenient operation.


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