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Baty R14 Profile Projector - Máy phóng hình Baty R14


  • 340mm (14") screen with 90°crosslines and chart clips
  • Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
  • Lens magnification choice: x10, x20,x25, x50 and x100
  • Surface illumination (fibre optic)
  • Helix adjustment of light source ± 7° for accurate thread form projection
  • Workstage with machined slot for holding accessories
  • Workstage measuring range of 175mm (7") x 100mm (4")
  • Digital angle measurement to 1 minute

    Optional features

  • Internally fitted automatic edge sensor (illustrated)
  • Swing over lamphouse to allow clear access to the workstage
  • Various electronic measuring systems to suit individual requirements
  • Cabinet stand ensures a solid base and provides storage
  • Other options include foot switch control and printer

    Basic Machine
    Type: Bench standing with horizontal light path
    Screen: Rotating 340mm diameter, inclined 75° to horizontal, with hood
    Image: Inverted and reversed
    Power supply: 220 / 240 volt 50Hz or 110 volt 60Hz
    Weight: 60kg (132lb)

    The basic R14 model consists of

  • 340mm diameter translucent screen with chart clips
  • Digital angle measurement, with 1 minute of arc resolution
  • Profile illumination with fan cooled lamphouse
  • Surface illumination
  • Focussing single lens mount
  • x10 magnification lens
  • Collimation lens
  • Helix adjustment
  • Machine slotted, chrome plated, cast iron workstage
  • Green filter

    Measuring range:

    • Horizontal (X) axis travel 175mm (7")
    • Vertical (Y) axis travel 100mm (4")

    Surface area: 325mm (12.8") x 100 (4") with slot for mounting accessories
    Scale resolution: 0.0005mm
    Movement: Manual with fine screw adjustment, quick release on X axis

    Optical System
    Lens mount: Single, screw clamping
    Lens magnification: x10, x20, x25, x50, x100,
    Focussing: By hand wheel
    Magnification accuracy: Profile 0.05%. Surface 0.1%
    Helix adjustment: ± 7° by light source alignment
    Light source:

    • Profile illumination 12v 100w lamp (tungsten halogen)
    • Surface illumination 12v 100w lamp (tungsten halogen)

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