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IMS Impact CMM - Máy đo không gian 3 chiều IMS Impact
Impact Matrix - Impact Maxxum
-The Impact range sets the benchmark for an affordable machine that bridges
the price gap between manual and high speed CNC CMMs. Recent design
 updates have improved bearing surface area on the Z axis, improving structural
-The Impact features high accuracy, class leading rapid CNC measuring
cycles with acceleration rates of 2.5m/sec
2 to reach 860mm/sec 3D traverse
 speeds and the built-in endurance to withstand the rigors of the shop floor.
-The Impact Matrix features the IMS OnMotion, 32-bit continous motion
micro-processor control, and can be equipped with any Touch Trigger probe.
Rapid Scan
TM acquires 8 points per second and is standard on all 3 sizes of
 Impact Matrix.
-The Impact Maxxum is driven by the Renishaw UCC series controller and
 provides maximum precision and throughput via the SP25, SP600 and SP80
 analog scanning probes.  Feature Scan supports hundreds of points per
 second for high-speed, high-density feature measurement.
-Runs with ARUN's SPARCS software

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