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Kosaka SEF580-M50/-M58/-M58D - Máy đo độ nhám và biên dạng Kosaka SEF580-M50/-M58/-M58D

Portable type Measuring lnstrument. Surface profile can be displayed in real time.

Surface Roughness
The unit can output the parameters based on multiple standards just a time.(Roughness Measurement)
High resolution (Max. Sampling points : 64,000 points) and long measuring distance.

Surface roughness

Measuring range / Verticala resolution Z: 800 μm / 0.08 nm
Drive speed 0.05-2mm/s
Stylus R2 μm  0.75 mN or Less


Accuracy Z: ±(2.5+0.5×|H|) μm or Less  H: Displacement(mm)
X: ±(2.5+0.02L) μm or Less  L: Measuring Length(mm)
Measuring range Z: 30 mm  X: 510 mm
Stylus R25 μm  10-30 mN

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