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Kosaka EC2200 - Máy đo độ tròn Kosaka EC2200

EC2200 is a high-precision and space-saving design roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument with mechanism accuracy pursued thoroughly.

  • Highest rotation accuracy best in its class
  • Full automatic centering and tilting adjustment
  • High sampling points per circumference
  • Safety function in pick-up
  • Circumferential roughness is measurable (option)
Mechanism / system Porous static pressure air bearing system / table rotation type
Rotation accuracy (0.015 + 0.0004H) μm
H: height from table surface (mm)
Max. measuring diameter φ368 mm both inner and outer diameters
Loading capacity 30 kg
Z traverse range 300 mm (at the use of b-type stylus)

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